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ny scuba instructor, learn to dive, learn to scuba

   Check out some of the local scuba sites available in our area. There are TONS in the north-east. Not only wreck diving     which requires a boat ride to get to but there are also many shore dives that you get get to by car (some require a           little bit of a walk)

   There are also countless spectacular scuba sites around the world. Some of which we have been to and then there         are those that we have still have to visit. If you want to join our mailing list so you can get invites to our future trips,         click here.

With trips ranging from local Long Island shore dives to some really fantastic tropical locations like The Exuma Cayes, Belize, The Maldives and our upcoming trip to BONAIRE, we think we have a trip that will be just right for you.


Feel free to reach out using the chat window in the bottom right corner of this page or head on over to our CONTACT US page and choose any form of communication you'd like. We would love to hear form you and help you along your scuba journey. We thrive on helping people find happiness underwater. Its not just a passion for us...but a way of life.

ny scuba instructor, learn to dive, learn to scuba
ny scuba instructor, learn to dive, learn to scuba

   Do you love scuba diving? Do you love helping others? Are you good with people and sharing your knowledge to assist       your fellow divers in becoming the best and safest diver that they can be? 

   You can start your journey towards being an OPEN WATER SCUBA  INSTRUCTOR.... Contact us today to find out about           our 'Dive Guide', 'Dive Master (DM), and our Open Water Scuba Instructor training. You can help make a difference               and also greatly improve your own knowledge and experience at the same time.

From our DISCOVER SCUBA DIVING introduction dive all the way up to some of the most advanced technical scuba diving classes, we offer all types of training. No matter what your pleasure, we can help you get there. Open water classes, wreck diving, cave diving, DPV (diver propulsion vehicles) and soon even rebreathers, our instructors take the time to ensure that you are !00% ready to take on your next level of training.

ny scuba instructor, learn to dive, learn to scuba
ny scuba instructor, learn to dive, learn to scuba

Professional training  for the serious scuba diver. We specialize in private and semi private scuba classes so you get the attention you deserve. We only hire instructors who teach scuba skills neutrally buoyant and in good horizontal trim. We feel this is the best way for students to learn because learning settle on the bottom and kneel in order to do anything at all is not conducive to safe diving... What is the floor is 300ft deep?

We also train no more than 3-4 students (depending on the course) so that everyone gets the attention that they deserve.

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