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Dene Ulmschneider

Agencies Affiliated with:


Recreational Courses:

- snorkeling

- discover scuba

- Open Water

- sidemount diver

- drysuit diver

- deep diver

- enriched air nitrox (EANx)

- wreck diver

- night/limited viz

- underwater photography

- stress n rescue

- search n recovery

- navigation

- drift diving

- equipment

- Peak performance buoyancy

- boat diving

- divemaster

- Advanced Open Water

(which would be a small selection of a few of the above listed specialties)

- Open water DPV (diver propulsion vehicle)

Technical Courses:

- Overhead sidemount

- Advanced wreck

- Advanced Nitrox / Deco Procedures

- Cavern Diver

- Intro to Cave Diver

- Apprentice Cave Diver

- Full Cave Diver

- Stage Diving / Cave Decompression

- Overhead DPV (diver propulsion vehicle)

Hey everyone, my name is Dene and I'd like to tell you a little bit about myself and my diving experience!

I have been a certified diver since July of 2012 and the desire to dive every day is something that burns inside me constantly. I started out with an SSI open water class and have taken quite a few classes since then including every recreational specialty you could think of. At that point I wanted to start teaching and helping others learn how to dive safely and I quickly learned that I was no where near ready once I made it to Dive Master so I then started on my technical diving to ensure that I was the best diver I could be before helping others.


Continuing on through my technical and cave training it wasn't until after I was certified as a full cave diver that I felt I was ready to start teaching open water classes but I did not want to be affiliated with a scuba shop that would dictate how I teach and how many students I had. I worked with one of several instructor trainers that I knew of and was comfortable with that would not just sign off on my instructor cert but actually confirm that I was ready to teach. I prefer teaching on my schedule and with an instructor to student ratio that doesn't exceed 1:3 so my students get the attention they need to learn all that they can.

Currently teaching all open water classes as well as most cave/overhead classes and hoping to soon start working on my Kiss Rebreathers instructor certification.

In addition to teaching open water and overhead classes I also do all that I can to try to help the community educate new divers as well as non-divers. I volunteer at beach/coastal clean ups and dive conferences. I attend as many events and meetings as possible to keep up on the latest news and industry happenings.

If you are interested in reaching out to me, please don't hesitate to call or email me. Id be happy to talk with you about your experiences, possible training opportunities, or whatever you'd like to talk about

Dive Slow, Dive safe! Stay within your training, comfort and experience levels!

Dene Ulmschneider


Here is a video project that I volunteered for and am quite proud to have been a part of. It was an amazing effort put forth by all involved. It was a 2-3 day project in which we all volunteered. Some old friends, some new friends, great stories, good food and this was the final outcome.

Special thanks to Curt Bowen for letting me help on this project

Richard Paye
'Big Rich'

My name is Richard Paye, but my friends call me 'Big Rich'.

I started diving back in 1989 and absolutely fell in love with the sport. Over the years I slowly built on my experience and moved up the ranks of the sport of scuba to finally becoming an instructor myself. One of the biggest reasons i became an instructor is i love to see the look on new students faces when they have completed the course. especially the very first time they have jumped into the ocean. I love the sport so much and want to share the wonderful experiences of scuba diving in the open ocean. I take teaching very serious and dedicate myself to you to insure the very best experience you can get.

Agencies Affiliated with:

NAUI / SDI / Coming Soon (PSAI)

Certified to teach:

snorkeling, discover scuba, Open Water, drysuit, deep, nitrox, wreck, marine ecosystem awareness, night/limited viz, underwater photography, stress n rescue, search n recovery, navigation, drift diving, equipment, Peak performance buoyancy, divemaster, boat diving. Advanced Open Water (which would be a small selection of a few of the above listed specialties).


Dene Ulmschneider duckweed

Dene Ulmschneider

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Richard Paye

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