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..:::: SCUBATECHIE Gear Review ::::.. Atomic Aquatics Fins

Last August at the LEISURE PRO BBQ held every year at Dutch Springs, I won a pair of scuba fins that didn't look like much to speak of. There had to be several dozen pairs in all different colors and I got the impression that they couldn't be that good if there were that many pairs being given away. Suffice it to say, that sat in my garage for MONTHS....

One day while packing my truck to go teach students at a pool session, I realized I had a fairly large group of students and I didn't have enough fins for the guys in the class wearing a large size fin. I noticed the ATOMIC AQUATICS fins sitting on top of a rack of gear and figured that I might as well give them a try since I was kind of stuck for a pair of large fins, so I threw them into the back of my truck and made my way to the pool. Once I got to the pool I had to decide who should be the person to use these new fins that I have had no experience with, nor had heard anything about them through the grapevine. I made a decision to try them out myself so I would not only stick a new open water student with an "unknown" pair of fins but I also figured I should at least now try them out since they were there and if they sucked, Id rather I have the bad experience with them.

After we all geared up and got in the pool at Long Island Scuba we prepped to go over some skills and all submerged. I IMMEDIATELY noticed how stiff these new fins were as I gave small and subtle fin movements to keep myself positioned properly with the class. With each and every small fin movement I kept being surprised as I was continually shocked. With every kick )both frog and flutter) I couldn't believe that these fins were performing as good as they were; but was it just because I was using them in a pool?

After using them in the pool for several pool session, I had a SCUBA TRIP planned that was going to get me into the ocean and I would finally get the chance to try out these seemingly awesome fins in the ocean. During that scuba trip, I put 7 dives on the ATOMIC AQUATICS fins and after those 7 dives I do admit that I believe I have found a new set of fins for my teaching and open water diving when I am in a wet suit or dive skin and the scuba pro jet fins are just to heavy to use and stay in proper trim.

Feel free to contact us at SCUBATECHIE.COM or send us an email if you would like any further details or need some info on a piece of gear you are considering purchasing. We may even be able to help you out with a DEMO


PROS: strong, stiff, great propulsion, decent back kicking.

CONS: plain fin straps, if you not precise on finning while using frog kick, there is a slight tendency for the fin to slightly roll due to the curve in the plastic fin.

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